David F. Peat

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Each of us today realizes our connection to the society in which we live through countless feedback loops. Each of us helps to generate and sustain the meaning by which that society functions.
Quantum theory forces us to see the limits of our abilities to make images, to create metaphors, and push language to its ends. As we struggle to gaze into the limits of nature we dimly begin to discern something hidden in the dark shadows.
Fundamentalism has several roots, including social, economic and political pressures but its essence is a series of shared beliefs that religious writings should be taken in a literal form. This confuses mythos and logos, a confusion that did not exist before the Enlightenment and rise of science.
In considering this relationship between science and religion it is useful to turn to the life of Wolfgang Pauli, one of the most important physicists of the twentieth century.

Dr. F. David Peat obtained his PhD at Liverpool University and carried out research in theoretical physics at Queens University (Canada) and the National Research Council of Canada. He became a close associate of David Bohm until his death. In addition to scientific research Peat took a deep interest in the approaches of Carl Jung and has given workshop at many Jungian conferences and centers. While in North America, Peat organized a series of circles of Native American Elders and Western Sciences as well as between Artists and Scientists. Peat is also the author of some twenty books exploring scientific ideas, looking at the social implications of science, exploring Jungian ideas and looking at creativity. In 1996 Peat moved to the medieval hilltop village of Pari, near to Siena, where he established a center to run conferences, courses, research projects and host an active program of visitors. The Center's maxims are "The future has an ancient heart" and "science, spirit and community." In 2002 the Center was chosen by the Metanexus Institute as a grantee of its Local Societies Initiative Program.

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