Michael Dowd

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Comedian Charlie Varon "saves" his audience from worldly despair. Fourteen minutes of entertainment and scientific education culminates in a profound identity shift: we know that we hail from a long and persistent ancestry. And we owe it to the past to secure a viable future.
Ecology is the new theology and women in climate science rock!
Science writer Connie Barlow provides insightful resources for ritually celebrating Big History.
In 2012, the dangers of human-caused climate disturbance became undeniable, making this the fundamental moral issue of our time.

Published Articles

How to create your own Great Story Bead Project for classroom use.
We have only begun to discuss this idea with religious education and secular school teachers, but all have been excited by the prospect of turning this into student projects—for helping children learn and experience history, science, and religion.
Might it be our time in history to begin honoring the birth of the elements?

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