Rita Voss

Dr Rita Voss is titular professor of the Post-graduate Program in Semiotics, Information Technology and Education at University of Braz Cubas and also doing her post-doctorate work at Pontificia Universidade Catolica, both universities in Sao Paulo. Her doctoral thesis, ᄄLife, Knowledge, Experience: the reform of thought of subject of knowledge in Tsunessaburo Makiguchiᄡs worksᄄ was on a Buddhist educator who tried to integrate science and religion, cognition and values, as a contribution to the theories of education. At the moment, Rita is researching hybrid cognitive models composed by tradition, art and science to create strategies of learning and teaching in the research group, EDUCOM ヨ Education and Complexity, led by her. She has several published articles on these issues. She is Buddhist of Mahayana tradition, and was, for several years, leader of a community in Natal, city in the northeast of Brazil.

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