Tom Block

Published Articles

An interdisciplinary project predicated on the belief that contemporary art, at its best, can move outside of the narrow confines of the art world, approaching the general public through genuinely creative thought and a gentle activism.

Tom Block utilizes the visual arts, writing projects, and scholarship to explore the interaction between the spiritual life of humanity and our sometimes sad shared reality. At the very best, he hopes that his art will have an activist influence, causing viewers to question their own personal roles in making the world a better place to live. He has worked in conjunction with Amnesty International, the International Peace Research Association, the Peace and Justice Studies Association, the Irish Centre for Human Rights, the UNESCO Center for Peace, the Overseas Chinese Democracy Coalition, and other activist organizations. He has published numerous academic articles tracing the influence of Sufism on the development of Jewish mysticism during medieval times, as well as exhibiting his art and discussing his ideas at a number of universities and colleges. His work is in collections at the Irish Centre for Human Rights, the Contemporary Art Museum of Montecatini, Portland Community College, George Washington University, Georgetown University Hospital, HNTB Architecture, and the Summit Art School. 

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