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Science-Theology Society of La Plata

Fundación Diálogio Entre Ciencia y Religión (DECYR)
The Protestant School of Theology Instituto Universitario ISEDET 
Buenos Aires Catholic University in La Plata

The main objective of the Science-Theology Society of La Plata is to create a framework for meetings and reflection, promoting an intellectual and spiritual sensitivity through the study of boundary questions between science, cosmology, and religion. The La Plata Society encourages and stimulates local academic centers in their own efforts to promote this dialogue, as well as to promote the debate and conversation in different cultural settings. Specific areas of interest include: religion, culture, and evolution; different rationalities in relation to contemporary worldview; freedom, chance and determination in science and religion; new concepts and theories on nature and the implications on classical themes of Christian theologies; the mediating role of philosophy in the dialogue between science and faith; the impact of technology for contemporary symbolic representations and ethics; medicine, faith, and science; and Native South American and non-Western worldviews and their contribution to the science-religion debate. Bi-monthly meetings, annual conferences, workshops and seminars, participation in TV programs, and translation activities to create a Spanish collection on science and religion provides a base for broad participation and outreach into academic, spiritual, and general local communities. Members of this society, in existence since August 2003, consist of graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, researchers, and others from fields of the sciences, theology, philosophy, and religious studies, combined with members of Evangelical, Protestant, and Roman Catholic Church bodies.


Fundación SOLES

This project promotes the search for an integrated vision of human existence through convening a permanent dialogue among representatives of multiple fields of knowledge. Bringing together professionals in biology, neuroscience, psychology, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, and theology the group seeks to examine and develop conceptions of human being compatible with both spiritual insights and rational, scientific progress. Investigations seek to develop insights and new approaches in human consciousness, spirituality, and their relation from theological, philosophical, and scientific perspectives. Public bi-monthly group discussions, seminars, and workshops seek to produce collaborative publications intended to disseminate research and invite new perspectives.


Seminars and Conferences about Theology & Science and the Nature of Life

Instituto Cristiano para la Ecologia y el Desarrollo “Nuevo Creacion”
The Christian Institute for the Ecology and Development - “New Creation”

With the objective of raising awareness of Christian leaders and professionals in the sciences regarding the positive relationship between natural science and theology, this society seeks to counter the sharp separation between Christian communities and secular science in Peru. To accomplish this, they reach out to seminaries and universities in five of Peru’s largest cities. Eleven programs each year, with an emphasis on ecology, the environment, and theology, are held at various institutions within each of the five target cities. Each program seeks to create a local dialogue and discussion group for that institutional community. Faculty representing several of the targeted institutions and serving as the core membership organize the 11 annual workshops and supervise the development of the local groups. Volunteers within each institution are recruited to lead book discussions and to produce new materials on themes such as biodiversity, design, stewardship, conservation, and Biblical and theological resources. Thorough evaluation of the monthly programs and the local discussion groups will gauge the effectiveness of the project.