Big History (The Band)

Big History (The Band)

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There is a six-piece electro-pop band from New Orleans that goes by the name “Big History.” While previously unaware of the academic discipline that shares their name, the band’s music certainly reflects a Big History perspective.

On one hand, the Big History curriculum weaves together many disciplines into a compelling narrative of the history of our universe. On the other, the band draws influences from a huge range of musical genres. Lead singer Meg Roussel’s soulful voice is juxtaposed against modern, electronic music. They incorporate everything from violins to synthesizers to accomplish a sound that is both dance-worthy and soothing.

And while the curriculum takes a humanistic approach to understanding our past, present, and future, the band makes a concerted effort to showcase their own humanity through their electronic grove and compelling lyrics. Their music never sounds over-processed like much electronic music today and they have sworn off merely standing behind laptops on stage.

Even their lyrics elicit a humanistic and historical perspective. Speaking about their single, “Wardrum” to offBEAT Magazine, keyboardist Matt Glynn said, “It’s an old-fashioned, medieval notion of war, but people think it’s about a relationship or not knowing yourself. Listeners are interpreting it their own way.”

Below you will find two music videos of the band. You can also download their EP, “All At Once”.