Simas, Ana

Ana Simas


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Ana Carolina Simas has been a lecturer in the Social Communication/Journalism course at Universidade Federal de Viosa (UFV), Brazil, teaching Communication Theory and Compared Communication since 2001. Born in Rio de Janeiro, she started her graduate work in 1995 in social communication/journalism at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). In 1996, she received a research scholarship, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Marcio Tavares dAmaral in the IDEA Laboratory of Though Systems History and Program of Advanced Transdisciplinary Studies of the School of Communication of UFRJ. During three years she was involved in two projects: Communication and cognition: new technologies and generalized mediation in the contemporary communication culture and Media and value: the ethics of thinking and the technological provocation in the contemporary communication culture. In 1999 she started her Masters in Communication and Culture. In 2001, she obtained, with honors, her M.S. degree, with the thesis Communication, Technology and the Sacred in the Contemporary Culture under the supervision of Prof. dAmaral. From 2003 to 2005 she coordinated the communications course. During this period she was also part of the TransIDEA research group at UFRJ. In 2005, she was a visitor researcher at the School of Humanities in the University of Western Australia, under the supervision of Prof. PhD. Michael Levine. Currently, she coordinates a study group on Transdisciplinarity at UFV and her interests are: communication and transdisciplinarity, communication and interpretation systems, communication and transcendence, and communication and sustainability.