Runehov, Anne

Anne Runehov


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Dr. Anne L.C. Runehov is an Associate professor (research lecturer) in the department of Systematic Theology at the Copenhagen University.  She earned a Master’s degree in theoretical philosophy, concentrating in the philosophy of the mind, at the University of Stockholm, Sweden and a doctoral degree in theology, concentrating in philosophy of religion, at the University of Uppsala, Sweden.  Dr. Runehov is a co-editor of the new Encyclopaedia of Sciences and Religions, which is forthcoming by Springer, and also of the European Journal of Science and Theology.  She is the author of Sacred or Neural? The Potential of Neuroscience to Explain Religious Experiences (2007) and has published several articles.

She is the 2006 ESSSAT research prizewinner.  She has the leadership for the Copenhagen Network of Science and Religion of which the Forum of Science and Existence is sponsored by Metanexus together with the Centrum for excellence Naturalism and Christian Semantics.

Runehov is working within the research field of Science and Theology.  Her main research interests are Neuroscience, Cognitive science and Quantum Mechanics, which are studied from a perspective of Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology and Philosophy of Science.