Meskos, Arsenios

Arsenios Meskos


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Dr. Arsenios-George Meskos studied Mechanical Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessalonica and later studied Theology, at the same University. In 1991, he received his Master of Theology and in September 2006, he defended his PhD thesis “A contribution of theology to the interpretation problem of quantum mechanics” at the Faculty of Theology and the Faculty of Physics at the University of Thessalonica. This paper is based on his thesis. In 1985, he was ordained monk and priest of the Greek Orthodox Church and in 1991 he founded and built the Monastery of Holy Transfiguration, near the village Sochos, Thessalonica, Greece, becoming its first abbot. Since 1989 he worked on the implications of the evolution of science to the traditional theologies. During that period, he wrote four books, “The sanctity and the civilization of information”, 1992, published also in Italy, Love and sex in Christian life” 1998, “The future and the prayer” 1999 and “The planet of Theology” 2003. His newest book, The Hypothesis of Logical Quanta is to be published on May 2007. Dr. Arsenios George Meskos is a professor of theology at a High School.

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