Klein, Barrett

Barrett Klein


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Barrett Klein is an “entomoartist who fashions ways of exploring, creating, and communicating both science and art primarily with insects at center stage. His parents, Arnold and Karen Anne Klein, both artists owned an art gallery for forty years (www.kaklein.com).  He studied entomology at Cornell University and the University of Arizona, and Ecology, Evolution and Behavior at the University of Texas at Austin, although this academic sequence was split by years of producing natural history exhibits for museums. He also worked at Chase Studio Inc. in southwest Missouri, then at the American Museum of Natural history, roaming its half-lit halls by night and creating insects, giant viruses, and working in both education and exhibition by day. Today, he celebrates insects through his research in biology and cultural entomology, as well as via illustration, film, and sculpture, and he sometimes collaborates with his twin brother, Arno, a scientist at Stony Brook University who images human brains (www.binarybottle.com) . He is a professor of Animal Behavior at the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse, where he continues communicating and visualizing science in aesthetically compelling ways.


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