Dockendorff, Cecilia

Cecilia Dockendorff


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Cecilia Dockendorff is founder and president of Fundación SOLES, a non-governmental organisation operating with the aim of strengthening citizen’s capacity to generate cultural changes that lead to a more just and equal society. Cecilia is a sociologist and holds a Masters degree in anthropology and social development. She is currently writing her doctoral dissertation on sociological theory. She has published and worked as a researcher, teacher, and university lecturer and has a long history of involvement in the promotion of the NGO sector. She is currently a member of the board of directors of Civicus, an international alliance for citizen participation, and of Chile Transparente, the Chilean chapter of Transparency International. Cecilia has also served as a board member of several prestigious non-profit organisations in Chile, and in the past two governments, she has served as a member of advising committees on issues such as overcoming poverty and the promotion of citizen participation, as well as the strengthening of civil society.

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