Boutet, Danielle

Danielle Boutet


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Danielle Boutet (B. Mus., MA, MFA) is a music composer, an interdisciplinary artist and an art theoretician. She is the founding director of the MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts Program at Goddard College in Vermont, a small experimental college offering programs beyond the traditional disciplines of the liberal arts. Goddardメs educational approach advances the principles of progressive education as originally proposed by John Dewey and carried on by contemporary progressive educators internationally. Boutet is also a consultant on questions of interdisciplinarity in the arts and a participant in the international transdisciplinary movement.Her artistic workラcreative writing, sculpture, drawing and musicラexplores states of consciousness and artistic epistemologies, focusing especially on the materiality of language. She also advances these questions theoretically, and works currently on art as a practice of the モsacred.ヤ A leading thread in her work has been the Wild in us, most especially the limits (and the impossibility) of a quest for the Wild when our identities are so thoroughly constructed. Les Dimensions sauvages (Dimensions of the Wild) is the overarching title of a whole series of visual, performative and literary works seeking signs and voices from a primordial and/or extra-temporal consciousness.