Jou, David

David Jou


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Prof. David Jou was born in Sitges (Catalonia, Spain) in 1953. He is full Professor of Physics of Condensed Matter in the Autonomous University of Barcelona. His research is devoted to non-equilibrium thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. He has published 180 research papers in international journals and 5 books, amongst them Extended irreversible thermodynamics, and Understanding non-equilibrium thermodynamics, in collaboration with Profs. J. Casas-Vzquez and G. Lebon. He has also published an extensive poetical work in Catalan, with more than 1000 poems, recently collected in the volumes Lxtasi i el clcul (Extasis and calculus) and Lhurac sobre els mapes (The storm over the maps), which have been partially translated to several languages. His poems on science have been collected in the volume The scriptures of the Universe. Some of his poetry deals with the frontiers between science and religion. He has published the essays The symphony of matter. Matter and materialism), The labyrinth of time, God, cosmos, chaos. Horizons of the dialog between science and religion, and Rewritting the Genesis.