Hufton, David

David Hufton


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David R Hufton is a PhD researcher, directed by Reverend Professor Simon J Robinson FRSA and Professor Gavin Fairbairn at the School of Applied Global Ethics, Leslie Silver International Faculty, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK. He is researching the question as to whether an eclectic concept of ムspiritualityメ informs and directs everyday decision-making and problem-solving in a cohort of UK Police Officers. To do this, he will examine the results of depth interviews for indications of a relationship between spirituality, values and professional ethics.

David was a police officer for 30 years before retirement last year, when he took up his research position full-time. His professional development covered the full range of policing duties, including investigation, armed response and security. He was a qualified and experienced trainer and learning development officer, working in his local agency and for the National Learning and Development Agency. He specialized in diversity, leadership and human relations issues and gained a Masters Degree in Education (Human Relations) from the Centre for the Study of Human Relations at Nottingham University, UK in 1997. He is an associate of the newly formed Institute for Spirituality, Religion and Public Life and the British Association for the Study of Spirituality.