Cornell, Deborah

Deborah Cornell


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Deborah Cornell is the Chair of Printmaking at Boston University’s College of Fine Arts. Her works in printmaking and multimedia installation are shown internationally, with recent solo shows in Buenos Aires, Venice, Iceland, and St. Petersburg Russia, as well as in New York and Boston. Group exhibitions include Photo Image: Prints from 60s to 90s at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, 6th Biennial at A.I.R. Gallery New York, 5th Novosibirsk Biennial, Global Matrix at the Northern Illinois University Museum, Potenti Imprezioni in Washington DC, Unexpected Consequences at Madison WI, and exhibitions in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Cuba, the UK, Columbia, Mexico, Italy, and across Europe.

Her work has been supported with a Radcliffe Institute Fellowship from Harvard University and grants from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and the Deya Majorca Archaeological Foundation, and with prizes from Purdue University, Majestic Galleries, and The Boston Printmakers, among others.

Public collections include the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Australian National Collection, Hangzhau Academy China, Purdue University Museums, Sakimi Art Museum, Okinawa, the Boston Public Library, IBM Corporation, Gannett Corporation, Fidelity Management, the University of Colorado, the Worcester Museum, Rhode Island School of Design Museum, and many others.

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