Kiryanov, Dimitry

Dimitry Kiryanov


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Rev. Dimitry Kiryanov is candidate of theology (Russian degree as a doctor) of Moscow Orthodox Theological Academy (Theses: Fundamental Principles of Neo-Thomist’s Teaching as main System of Catholic Theology (2005)), PhD in philosophy (Theses: «Methaphysics of Being and Knowledge in Philosophy of Modern Thomism» (2009)). He was graduated physical faculty of Tuymen State University (1994), Tobolsk Orthodox Theological Seminary (1999), Moscow Orthodox Theological Academy (2002) and postgraduate study at Niznevartovsk State Humanities University (2008). His research includes the catholic philosophy, metaphysics and all themes which bond with dialogue between science and religion. Prof. Kiryanov teaches courses in ‘Fundamental theology’, ‘Comparative Theology’, ‘Apologetics’, ‘History of Philosophy’, ‘Conceptions of Modern Science’ and ‘Science and Religion’. He is the author of more than 20 publications. Fr. Dimitry Kiryanov is the member of the European Society for Studying Science and Theology (ESSSAT). In 2006 he was awarded first prize at St. Andrews Biblical Theological Institute on conference “Cosmology and Eschatology: Scientific and Theological Understanding of Ultimate Questions” for the article: «Cosmology and Orthodox Theology».