Ihde, Don

Don Ihde


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Don Ihde is Distinguished Professor of philosophy at Stony Brook University. He is the author of fifteen books and the editor of many others, including what is often identified as the first North American work on the philosophy of technology, Technics and Praxis (1979). In the mid-1970s, together with his colleagues at Stony Brook, Ihde developed an intentionally eclectic school of experienced-based "experimental phenomenology" with bridges to pragmatism, which has concentrated on elaborating the ways that instrumentation mediates between human beings and the world. His interests center around the philosophy of science and technology, with a recent focus on imaging technologies. In addition, work on intercultural perception and plural cultural patterns form part of his current research agenda. In 1990, Ihde, together with Indiana University Press, initiated a new monograph series in philosophy of technology that has since become one of the most influential collections of publications in the field. He has recently published Freedom and Nature: the Voluntary and the Involuntary (with Paul Ricoeur and Erazim V. Kohák, 2007).