Johnson, Eileen

Eileen Johnson


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Eileen Johnson is an assistant professor in the Department of Educational Leadership in the School of Education and Human Services at Oakland University.ᅠ Prior to her appointment at Oakland University, Dr. Johnson worked in a variety of fields including elementary school education, school and educational psychology, and medical education.ᅠ Currently, Dr. Johnson teaches graduate courses in research methods, action research, program evaluation, philosophy/ethics of leadership, and learning theory.ᅠ During the fall of 2006, she was a Fulbright Scholar at University of Lapland in Rovaniemi, Finland where she taught an interdisciplinary action research course and an advanced interdisciplinary research seminar, and began a research study investigating the impact of disciplinary training, psychological type, and nationality on personal epistemological style.ᅠ Dr. Johnsonメs scholarly interests currently include a continuation of the investigation of the research-practice gap and its relation to epistemological style, researching the development of personal epistemology and psycho-epistemological styles, interdisciplinary studies, and navigating the space between art and research, including public understanding of the meaning and purpose of each.ᅠ