Cleaver, Gerald

Gerald Cleaver


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Gerald Cleaver is an associate professor of physics at Baylor University and is head of the Early Universe Cosmology and String Theory division of Baylorï¾’s Center for Astrophysics, Space Physics, and Engineering Research. Gerald earned his Ph.D. at Caltech in 1993, where he studied under John H. Schwarz, one of the founders of string theory. Prior degrees include a B.S. in Mathematics, a B.S. in Physics, and an Honors Scholar Citation from Valparaiso Lutheran University in Valparaiso, Indiana and a M.S. in Physics from Caltech.

Gerald has written 60+ peer-reviewed journal papers and conference proceedings. His research focuses are superstring/M-theory, elementary particle physics, and early universe cosmology. ï¾ He is a member of the American Physical Society, the American Association of Physics Teachers, the Mathematical Association of America, and Sigma Phi Sigma, Sigma Xi, and Sigma Rho Phi honor Societies.

Gerald has been active at the intersection of science and theology for many years, including developing the course, Cosmology & Creation, for Baylorï¾’s Honors College and co-chairing the Baylor Society for Conversations in Religion, Ethics, and Science, funded by the Templeton Foundation. Gerald is a member of the American Scientific Affiliation and of the Center for Theology & the Natural Sciences.

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