Zukerwar, Haim David

Haim David Zukerwar


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Rabbi Haim David Zukerwar is the director of “The Jewish World Explorium.” He also organizes and leads centers for the transmission of Jewish Wisdom, as “Milui” (1990) and “Halel” (1994) in Jerusalem.

He was born in Montevideo (Uruguay). He is a musician and a recognized scholar and lecturer of Jewish Inner Wisdom, the Kabala. In Jerusalem he deepened his rabbinic knowledge of the Sefardi Midrash and the Kol Yehuda Tzvi, and made contact (1988) with his teacher Rabbi Mordechai Shainberger Shlita, one of the greatest world specialists in the Zohar and in the writings of the great kabalist of Safed, Itzhak Luria Ashkenazi.

Rabbi Zukerwar is author of several books published in Israel, Spain and Brazil and has written hundreds of articles. He has also composed symphonic music and chamber music that has been interpreted in Europe, USA, Japan and Latin America. Rabbi Zukerwar is often invited as guest lecturer in universities and educational institutions of Israel, Europe and South America.