Wolf, Jakob

Jakob Wolf


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Born 1952. Theological studies at the University of Aarhus, Copenhagen and Berlin (Freie Universitit). Master of Theology 1978. Ph.d. 1984: Dissertation Phenomenon and Theory (on the phenomenology of Hans Lipps). D.D. 1990: Habilitation A World of Colours (on Goethe, Hans Lipps and K.E.Loegstrup). Lutheran minister 1983-95. Associate Professor in Systematic Theology at the University of Copenhagen since 1995. Head of Department since 2007. Has published several books (Ethics and the Universe 1997, The Hidden God 2001, The Cry of the Rose, Intelligent Design and Darwinism 2004, Natural Love, Ethical Theories 2007), and many articles on the science-religion debate.