Warren, Jeff

Jeff Warren


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Jeff Warren is a writer, broadcaster, public speaker and all-purpose enthusiast. His philosophical position on the subject of consciousness is “radically fun empiricist,” not unlike William James, except with more jokes and fewer smart parts. He is the author of The Head Trip: Adventures on the Wheel of Consciousness, a critically-acclaimed romp through the sleeping, dreaming and waking mind. Other writing has appeared in The New Scientist, Discover, The Walrus, The National Post and The Globe and Mail.

Jeff is a freelance radio producer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s The Current and Ideas, and recently appeared as the “on-camera investigator” for a television documentary about remote viewing. He has confused I mean enthralled audiences in Toronto, New York, Hong Kong and the UK with his quasi-psychedelic audiovisual tour through the mind, though most of the time you can find him on his porch in Toronto’s Kensington Market, watching kids deal drugs in the park.

What else? He is a graduate of McGill University with a degree in literature, an enthusiastic cook who has trouble boiling rice, an international ballet phenomenon with a grand jet that is the envy of the Russian migr community, and an undisciplined reader of the mystic, the cryptic and the scientific.