Bracken, Joseph

Joseph Bracken


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Joseph A. Bracken, SJ, Emeritus Professor of Theology at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, received his PhD from the University of Freiburg in Germany in 1968 and taught at Saint Mary of the Lake Seminary in Mundelein, Illinois (1968-1974), and at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1974-1982) before becoming Chairman of the Theology Department at Xavier in 1982.  He has published 10 books and roughly 90 articles in academic journals in the general area of philosophical theology/philosophy of religion.  His latest book is entitled Christianity and Process Thought: Spirituality for a Changing World (Philadelphia: Templeton Foundation Press, 2006), and his next book Three Who Are One: The Christian Doctrine of God will be published by Liturgical Press in 2008.  He is currently working on a new book manuscript reviewing the history of Western philosophy and indicating the need for a contemporary metaphysics based on intersubjectivity not only for the purposes of better human communication but as a philosophical justification for novelty and evolution at all levels of existence and activity within Nature.