Reeves, Josh

Josh Reeves


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Josh Reeves is a 4th year Ph.D. candidate in Boston Universityメs Science, Philosophy and Religion Program. In addition to studying general issues within the science and religion relationship, his work has focused on questions surrounding human nature, especially in light of cognitive science. His dissertation will focus on the historical development of the mind-body problem, exploring in particular how conceptions of nature have influenced views of mind. Before enrolling at Boston University, he completed his M.Phil. degree in psychology of religion at Cambridge University. His thesis at Cambridge analyzed Nancey Murphyメs approach to the mind-body problem, a position she labels nonreductive physicalism. Josh also has seminary degree from Beeson Divinity School, and during his undergraduate studies at Samford University, he double majored in psychology and philosophy. He currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife Courtney.