Fathulla, Kamaran

Kamaran Fathulla


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Kamaran Fathulla is a senior lecturer in information systems at the University of Northampton, United Kingdom. Kamaran’s career has been mainly academically oriented and spans almost 15 years. The last five years he has been working and continues to at the University of Northampton. He also worked in the early nineties, and for shorter periods, at the University of Salford, United Kingdom. In between, he travelled to the Gulf and spent five years working as a lecturer in computing. Kamaran obtained his Masters degree in User Interface Design from Liverpool John Moore University, United Kingdom. He completed his Doctoral thesis at the University of Salford, United Kingdom. His work was in understanding diagrams based on Symbolic and Spatial Mapping. The research was underpinned in the philosophical work of the Dutch philosopher Herman Dooyeweerd. Kamaran continues his research work on diagrams and their uses in every day life. He also has a keen interest in exploring Dooyeweerdian way of thinking in other domains of interest. Kamaran is a member of the IASTED Technical Committee on Human-Computer Interaction for the term 2007-2010. Kamaran’s other research interests are in Human Computer Interaction and Semiotics. Kamaran’s latest activity is in his role as the Editor of a newly established electronic journal aimed at exploring the application of Dooyeweerd’s philosophy in various domains.