Housley, Kathleen

Kathleen Housley


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Kathleen L. Housley is an independent researcher, writer and poet who has written for numerous journals including Image and The Christian Century for which she has reviewed books on science and religion. In Firmament (Higganum Hill Books 2007), she explores the borderlands between science and religion. A poem on Adele Gdel, “The Mathematician’s Wife Ponders Ontology,” is forthcoming in Isotope (Utah State University). She is the author of Black Sand: The History of Titanium (available through the International Titanium Association 2007) in which metallurgical research is set in the context of the Cold War. She has a masters degree from Wesleyan University where she researched her first biography: The Letter Kills But the Spirit Gives Life: The Smiths (1993). Other biographies include: Emily Hall Tremaine: Collector on the Cusp (University Press of New England 2001) and Tranquil Power: The Art and Life of Perle Fine (MidMarch Arts Press 2005).

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