Albertazzi, Lilliana

Lilliana Albertazzi


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Lilliana Albertazzi is Associate Professor at Trento University in the Faculty of Cognitive Science.  She teaches courses in ‘Philosophy and Theory of Languages’ and ‘Semiotics of Visual Representation.’  She has authored five books, more than 100 publications, and edited 18 books with another forthcoming.  Her main fields of interest include:  theory of representation, Gestalt psychology, art, theory of cognitive space and time, philosophy and psychology, and cognitive semantics.  She is a director of the Mitteleuropa Foundation and is on the Advisory Boards for Axiomathes, Brendtano Studien, Meinong Studies/Meinong Studien, Polish Journal of Philosophy, and Cognitive Semiotics.  She is also a member of the International Cognitive Linguistics Association (ICLA), the International Cognitive Science Association (COGSCI), and the Società Italiana di Scienze Cognitive.