Martin, Louis

Louis Martin


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Louis C. Martin, M.D., grew up in the Midwest, and spent most of his life there. After graduating from Saint Louis University, he taught for several years. Having decided against a career in ministry, he completed medical training at the University of Nebraska. His interest in the personal dimension of life guided him into psychiatry, which he studied at the Nebraska Psychiatric Institute and at the Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. He worked as a Forensic Psychiatrist for the State of Nebraska until his death in August 2007.

Towards the end of his professional career, Dr. Martin said that "he is trying to make a contribution to the science / religion project." To this end, he joined Metanexus Institute in 2000 and was in regular attendance at the Metanexus annual conferences from 2002 to 2007. He also authored the book, God and Atom, which surveys the development of thought and religion from early times and presents it as an evolutionary project of which the evolution of the spirit is at the center.

Dr. Martin was married to Jane and fathered two remarkable children, Julia and Matthew.