Guerra Menendez, Lucia

Lucia Guerra Menendez


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Lucia Guerra Menendez is a Lecturer on Human Physiology at the School of Medicine of the University of San Pablo CEU (Madrid).  She served as Lecturer on Human Genetics at the Institute Angel Ayala, San Pablo CEU (2005-06).  She holds Licentiate in Pharmacology (2004) and an MBA (2005) from IEB (Madrid).  She has made oral presentations at scientific conferences in Philadelphia, Toulouse, and Madrid.  She also supervised the translation of the book The Ethical Foundations of Bioethics by Prof. Stanley L. Jaki, winner of the Templeton Prize in 1987.  In 2007, she obtained a DEA (Diploma of Advanced Studies, or the equivalent to an MA in Bioethics and Biomedical Legislation, UNESCO).  She is the joint author, with Prof. Julio Gonzalo, (Universita Autonoma Madrid), of the article “Science and Energy Politics,” in Nuntium   (Roma), February 2007.