Lozano, Manuel

Manuel Lozano


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Manuel Lozano was born in Zaragoza, Spain in 1960. He studied physics in Zaragoza, and received his Ph.D. in physics in Barcelona. He is currently working in radiation detectors manufactured in silicon to be used in high energy physics experiments at CERN, space satellites, and also in medical imaging. He is currently developing digital radiology systems to reduce the radiation dose in patients. He has a permanent position at the Microelectronics National Center in Barcelona, Spain, belonging to the Spanish Council for Research (CSIC). He is Catholic and he has always been interested in the relationships between science and religion. Since 2004, he is member of the Barcelona Science and Theology Seminar (STIC-B), part of the Metanexus Local Society Initiative network. He is currently working on the relationships of the Big Bang and evolution theories with theology and on the ways of Godï¾’s action in the world.

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