Blázquez Burgo, Mariano

Mariano Blázquez Burgo


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Mariano Blázquez Burgo is currently auxiliary pastor of an Evangelical Church in Madrid.  In 1981, he graduated in Law and obtained a Diploma in Criminology in 1982. He worked as a lawyer and manager until 1996, harmonizing these activities with religious responsibilities, mainly as legal adviser and member of the executive board of a federation of free evangelical churches with the name of FIEIDE. In 1996 he was ordained into the Christian Ministry.   

Since 1995, Mariano Blázquez Burgo has been the Executive Secretary of the Federación de Entidades Religiosas Evangélicas de España, FEREDE (Federation of Evangelical Religious Entities of Spain), and is the official representative before the State of Spain of all the Protestant and Evangelical churches, in a joint representation, although taking into account their diversity and respective autonomy. He is also responsible for advising about and handling the legal affairs of the evangelical churches, denominations, and organizations of FEREDE.

He represents FEREDE Spanish Protestantism at a national and international level, lecturing often about the legal and social situation of Protestantism in Spain and about the Spanish system of religious freedom.

Since 1996 he has been a member of the Advisory Committee about Religious Freedom of the Spanish Ministry of Justice and of its Permanent Committee, which is in charge of assuring a real and effective religious freedom for the different religions established in Spain.