Dowson, Martin

Martin Dowson


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Professor Martin Dowson is currently Director of Systems and Higher Education at the Australian College of Ministries. Professor Dowson also holds adjunct/visiting professorships at several highly ranked international universities including the Australian National University, the Universities of Sydney and Michigan, and the Free University of Berlin.

Professor Dowson’s research encompasses several key areas in the field of psychology including educational psychology, psychological measurement, and the psychology of religion. Professor Dowson is author of over 140 peer refereed publications including articles appearing in Review of Educational Research, Journal of Educational Psychology, Contemporary Educational Psychology, Educational and Psychological Measurement, Review of Religious Research, and the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology. In addition to his other research work, Professor Dowson is currently editing Volume 6 of International Advances in Education: Religion and Spirituality.

Professor Dowson has won numerous research grants (totaling more than 1.5 million dollars), and has received academic awards from institutions including the American Educational Research Association, the Australian Association of Special Education, Macquarie University, and the Universities of Texas and Western Sydney.