Shobrook, Maya

Maya Shobrook


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Maya started her academic life studying (Medieval and Modern Russian History) History at the University of Jerusalem in Israel. Her interest in Psychology developed later and she went on to receive a MSc in Social Psychology from the London School of Economic (LSC) in London. An understanding of psychology helped her set up and run her business which provided management advice to small start-up entrepreneurial companies facing difficulty in the process of growth.

After reading Sue Hamiltonメs book, ムEarly Buddhism: A New Approach to the ムIメ or the Beholderメ, she became interested in the doctrine ofᅠ No-Self (Annata) and the issue of ムSelfメ and the treatment of this notion in Early Buddhist Psychology.ᅠ She pursued this interest and six years ago started a postgraduate course at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London.ᅠ In 2003, she moved to the University of Peradinyia, Sri Lanka to continue research on Early Buddhist Psychology under the supervision of Professor P.D. Premasiri. She is currently in the process of submitting her doctorate thesis which compares two terms: ムPapancaメ in Early Buddhism with ムAutomatic Thoughtsメ in Cognitive Therapy. Although not a therapist, Maya believes that well-being can be enhanced by understanding the issues addressed in this comparison.

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