Seckinger, Nathan

Nathan Seckinger


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Nathan Seckinger is an undergraduate student at the University of Regina.  He is completing his final year in two degree programs: a B.A. Honour’s in comparative Religious Studies, and a second B.A. in Philosophy.  Nathan’s academic interests include: semiotics and hermeneutics; history of consciousness and discourse; cross-cultural mystic faith and practice; philosophy of magic; queer theory and the discourse on gender; ancient philosophy; cosmology; and the intersection of natural and social science with natural theology.  Outside the University, he is an active advocate for solidarity within the fine arts community, and has lobbied for social reforms that promote the involvement of young artists in civic policy.  For the past ten years he has worked to reduce homophobic violence and discrimination in the Regina, Saskatchewan public school system.  He is also a convinced Attender of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and a committed advocate for the nonviolent liberation of marginalized persons.