Samuelson, Norbert

Norbert Samuelson


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Norbert M. Samuelson is the Grossman Chair of Jewish Studies at Arizona State University in the Department of Religious Studies.  He is the founder and secretary of the Academy of Jewish Philosophy and the secretary of the American Theological Society. Prior to assuming the newly-established Chair of Jewish Studies at Arizona State, Samuelson was a Professor of Religion for twenty three years at Temple University and for two years at the University of Virginia. He launched his academic career after serving as a Hillel Rabbi in Indiana University and Princeton University.

Samuelson’s scholarship focuses on Jewish philosophy and theology. He is internationally renowned and the author of twelve books and over 200 articles. His books include: Gersonides on God’s Knowledge (1977); The First Seven Days: A Philosophical Commentary on the Creation of Genesis (1992); Judaism and the Doctrine of Creation (1994); A Users’ Guide to Franz Rosenzweig’s Star of Redemption (1999); Revelation and the God of Israel (2002); and Jewish philosophy, An Historical Introduction (2003).