Dozier-Henry, Oare’

Oare' Dozier-Henry


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Dr. Oare’ Dozier-Henry is a tenured full professor in the Department of Educational Leadership & Human Services at Florida A&M University where she started teaching in the fall of 1991.  The politics and knowledge and issues of critical pedagogy shape her research agenda.  Dr. D-H’s interests trample boundaries generally adhered to by education scholars concerned with “schooling” and include culture and worldview studies.  Academic inquiry energized a Fulbright to study traditional medicine in Francophone Africa, travel to a remote area of Mexico to research a community of Afrodescendants of Seminole maroons and Buffalo soldiers, and Brazil to examine the Carnival tradition.  For Dr.D-H, the most interesting questions emerge from the interrogation of transcendence and the quest for Spirit.  As an adult educator/scholar-activist, Dr. D-H’s concerns are global equity and reframing our relationship with the Sacred, which to use Eliade’s definition is the “structure of consciousness concerned with notions of being, of meaning, and of truth.”  As a Diasporan African, Dr. D-H is committed to the healing restoration of African identity and sensibilities.