Marinkovic, Peter

Peter Marinkovic


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Peter Marinkovic is the University Chaplain at the University of Munich and a member of the well-renowned Max-Planck-Society. He has cooperated with scientists at a variety of universities and institutes (including Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker).

Peter Marinkovic studied Theology, Assyriology, Egyptology, and Philosophy in Munich, Tuebingen and Heidelberg and holds a doctorate in Hebrew Bible. Since 1987, he has been teaching Hebrew Bible and Archaeology at several universities (e.g. Munich, Augsburg, Bayreuth and Salzburg).

As founder and chairperson of LSI Munich and in cooperation with LSI Innsbruck, he successfully applied for a Metanexus supplementary grant in 2007 which fostered a series of conferences about neuroscience and theology titled “How to survive our death? The quest for personal identity and resurrection” (2008-2009). Marinkovic serves also as one of the chairpersons of RSNG (Religion Science Network Germany).  A joint project with LSI Stuttgart will focus on “Beyond the God of the Gaps. Intelligent Design as a Challenge for Theology and Biology”.

He is currently preparing for publication the lectures held at the Munich symposium “Bios – Cultus – Religio” and an essay about "Soul–Mind without Body?" as well as his 2007 lecture at the Academy of Science in Stavanger (Norway) about “Evolution and/or/vs. Creation:  Facing a dilemma”.