Vanderbeeken, Robrecht

Robrecht Vanderbeeken


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Robrecht Vanderbeeken is a postdoc at Ghent University in Belgium. He defended his Ph.D. in philosophy in 2003 on the topic Explanations of Actions (analytic philosophy, social sciences and philosophy of science) also at Ghent University. During the period 2004-2006 he was also a researcher at the theory department at the Jan van Eyck Academy of Maastricht in the Netherlands. He has recently been working on a critical inquiry of the scientific ideology with respect to technology and cognitive sciences. His publications include Kritische metafysica: Gilles Deleuze. Contactforum kvab: Brussel (2006); What are you doing? Essays on video art. Merendree: sint joris (2006); with S.Cuypers, (eds.) (2004) Special Issue: Explaining Actions. Philosophical Explorations 7(3) (2004); with E. Weber, モDispositional Explanations of Behavior.ヤ Behavior & Philosophy 30: 43-59 (2002).