Fernandes, Sara

Sara Fernandes


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Sara Fernandes has started her PhD with a project on “Neuroethics and Personal Identity” at the Catholic University of Lisbon.  She is also a research affiliate at the Health Sciences Institute—Catholic University of Lisbon and at the Philosophy Center of the University of Lisbon (where she participated in a research project on philosophy of religion).  Her past and present research has been funded by the National Foundation for Science and Technology.

She was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in October, 1973.  She took her BA (1998) and her MPhil (2006), both in Philosophy, at the University of Lisbon (1998).  Her research has centered on Personal Identity/Contemporary Philosophy, Hermeneutics and Ethics and her M.Phil dissertation was on “Paul Ricoeur and the problem of personal identity?”  She has published in Portuguese philosophical journals (The Portuguese Philosophical Review, Philosophica, Communio), as wellas in several edited volumes.