Arseculeratne, Sarath Nanda

Sarath Nanda Arseculeratne


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Sarath Nanda Arseculeratne (b 1930) graduated in medicine from the University of Ceylon, Sri Lanka in 1955, obtained the Diploma in Bacteriology (Manchester, UK) in 1962 and the Doctorate in Philosophy (Oxford, UK) in 1965. He has been a university academic in microbiology since 1957, and was Professor of Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka from 1971-1983 and from 1989-1995. He was Professor of Medical Microbiology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya in KL, Malaysia (1983-1987), Visiting Professor of Medical Microbiology, University Sains Malaysia, Visiting (Senior Fulbright) Professor at Harvard University, Boston, Mass., USA.  His extra-curricular interests have been in the history of science, education in science, scientific literacy, and science in government with co-authorship of the National Science & Technology Policy of Sri Lanka 1978. Other areas in which he has publications include, Traditional (Asian) Medicine and its interaction with Western Allopathic Medicine, medical ethics, and scientific approaches to the study of anomalous (paranormal) phenomena. His general publications include 3 books; Sinhalese immigrants in Malaysia and Singapore 1860-1990: History through Recollections (1991). There Goes Archimedes and At Home with the Einsteins (were co-authored with Sidney Harris, USA) (1993, 1996). He is married with 4 children.