Procacci, Silvana

Silvana Procacci


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Silvana Procacci, PhD is the professor’s assistant of Philosophy of History at the University of Perugia (Italy). She is interested in the holism-reductionism debate around three areas of semantics: ontology, methodology and epistemology. She is currently working on the philosophical aspects of the evolution of the Universe and its connection with life and cosmic organization. She has published many articles and 5 books.

She is a member of the Etruscan Local Group, a Metanexus Local Society.  She is engaged in the MGNI Continuation Program Grant of the Metanexus Institute with a project titled The search for truth through dialogue and transdisciplinarity. A renewed vision of Nature: systemic approach to the living world, ethical responsibility and biblical cosmological image in comparison developed withThe Science-Theology Society of La Plata (Argentina).