Sheahen, Thomas

Thomas Sheahen


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Thomas P. Sheahen hold B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Throughout his career, he has specialized in energy-related research in collaboration with private-sector companies and universities, putting scientific principles to work in difficult situations. He has worked for Bell Telephone Laboratories, the National Bureau of Standards, and Science Applications International Corporation, among others. As a Congressional Science Fellow and a Senior Policy Analyst with the Office of Technology Assessment, he worked on energy-related legislation. The consistent thread in his work has been to find ways to resolve seeming conflicts in science by advancing to a higher level of thinking. Sheahen has been a Visiting Professor at John Carroll University, and taught the Templeton-supported course Issues in Religion and Science. Since reading The Phenomenon of Man in 1963, he has remained confident that science and religion are fully compatible, but both need to advance to a higher level of thinking.