Lubling, Yoram

Yoram Lubling


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Professor Yoram Lubling has been a member of the philosophy department at Elon University since 1991. Dr. Lubling is a native of the State of Israel, a second-generation Holocaust survivor, a former journalist for Davar (Israelメs Labor Newspaper), and the recipient of the 2006 Elon Universityメs College of Arts and Sciences Scholarship Award for his recent book Twice-Dead. Philosophical interests include Classical American Philosophy (Emerson, Pierce, James, Royce, and Dewey); Holocaust Studies; Philosophy of Art; Jewish Philosophy; Martin Buber; Ethics of Memory; Existentialism; History of Modern Zionism; Philosophy of Relations/ Community; Active Pedagogy; Philosophy of Love; and Social Ethics. Recent publications include, Twice-Dead: Moshe Y. Lubling; the Ethics of Memory, and the Treblinka Revolt (New York: Peter Lang Publications, 2007) with a Foreword by Elie Wiesel; モPhilosophyメs Living Pedagogy,ヤ Bridges: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Theology, Philosophy, History and Science. Spring/Summer 2006; モJohn Dewey and the Problem with Pacifism,ヤ The Journal of Contemporary Philosophy, Vol. XXVI No. 5 & 6; モService-Learning: モTeaching the Holocaust: Philosophy and the Holocaust,ヤ ed. Simon P. Sibelman (New York: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2005); モMartin Buberメs Prophetic Zionism: Searching for the Spirit of Israel,ヤ Skepsis: A Journal for Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Research. XV/I (2004).