Skeptical Science

Skeptical Science

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Skeptical Science is a website devoted to explaining climate change science. It seeks to rebut global warming misinformation from those often referred to as “climate change deniers.”

Skepticism is an important part of the scientific process. Scientists should always challenge themselves and society to improve their understanding and question their convictions. The politicization of the climate change debate, however, means that we are divided by an us-or-them discourse in which evidence is selectively mustered to support one’s own position. Not only is there an enormous amount of money at stake in how we deal with climate change, but pretty much every aspect of our contemporary life involves huge amounts of energy flow.

This website is organized as a series of points and counter-points with lots of links to the peer-reviewed scientific literature. Not that any of this will convince people to change their views. Why is it that our disagreements are largely immune to being changed by reason and evidence?

For more on this topic, see William Grassie’s recent essay “Climates Change.”