Technological Mandalas

Technological Mandalas

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Artist’s Statement

I am interested in how systems can be applied in the process of making art, how something can survive within a scheme of convention, exploring the system itself in order to understand it, and perhaps, trying to find a condition of artistic autonomy within the framework I create. Like Mondrian’s grids, the abstraction in my work has to survive, and find a place within a defined structure. My modus operandi embraces my passions for electronics, music, science, and graphic design.

I like to define myself as a multimedia artist and my art works as playthings. As with childhood toys, art objects can be seen as many distorted reflections of the everyday, caricatures of the real. These do not need to be pleasant-looking or easy-to-use but have to possess, above all, a high degree of play value, which is what defines the capacity of a toy/ artifact to stimulate and engage the viewer. This moves the attention of the spectator into places they probably know, but have forgotten, pitting the unconscious against the rational and vice-versa.

Technological Mandala Series

I am intrigued by the fact that electronic technology has become an important part in our daily life, almost something to worship. 

With the Technological Mandala Series, I am showing what is hidden from the eyes of the consumer, representing technology and, in particular, electronic circuits as extraordinary objects, where the perfection of the design can become almost something ethereal. 
In reality my Technological Mandalas do not work as traditional electronics circuits, but I see them as ephemeral gizmos able to trigger the eyes and minds of the viewers with thoughts and images of any kind. I use the word “ephemeral” because electronic technology is, in a way, impermanent. It is constantly changing and can become easily obsolete, like the Tibetan sand mandalas can be easily brushed away after days of work. 
I like the idea of a world made of infinite connections, between people, objects, feelings, states, planets, and minds, which form the links I develop in my technological mandalas.

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