Thermodynamic Horizon

Thermodynamic Horizon

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Artist’s Statement

I wish to bridge the perceived gap between logical, materialistic analysis and intuitive, mystical experience. My directive as an artist is to engage and communicate the meaning that lies before our eyes, and yet we do not see.

I attempt to point to the ‘numinous’, which is characterized by the quintessential qualities of the sacred: mystery, awe, fascination, satisfaction, and inspiration.

My path as an artist has always been interdisciplinary, which allows me to blend forms, techniques and mediums, and thereby to defy limits. This process greatly enhances artistic development and the capacity to sow seeds of inquiry and incentive, cultivating creativity in the viewer.

My art comes through drawing, painting, digital art & design, video-editing and special effects. My work is multifaceted, but with a continuum of integrating diverse perspectives; including science, mythology, geometry, sociopolitics, and esoterica: into visions of gestalt.

In my view, art serves as a reflection of our context, and achieves its maximum potential when it acts deliberately to improve and benefit the whole. This is what I am striving to do and I hope that my work, in some way, benefits you.

Please peruse my website at to see more. Also, I sell prints, originals and am available for commissions.