Is Believing in Climate Change “An Insult to God”?

Is Believing in Climate Change “An Insult to God”?

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With movements such as young-earth creationism, we certainly have seen examples of religion being shanghaied into the service of anti-science. But some recent rhetoric in opposition to environmentalism and climate change science takes the cake.

For example, E. Calvin Beisner, leader of the Cornwall Alliance (a consortium of evangelical clergy) has declared that environmental movement is “deadly to the gospel of Jesus Christ,” and that believing in climate change is “an insult to God.” On November 30, in a televised discussion with his colleague Bryan Fischer, Beisner further argued that it is an affront to God to not utilize the “abundant, inexpensive and effective [fossil] fuel sources” that God has provided. He elaborated: “God buried those treasures there because he loves to see us find them and put them to use.” Fischer compared those who would curtail the deployment of these resources to the “wicked and lazy servant” in Jesus’ parable of the talents (Matt. 25:14-30).

Many of the groups opposed to the scientific consensus on climate change are also adamantly opposed to evolution, and the two movements (creationism and climate change denial) have, in several cases, joined forces to advance their respective causes in the political arena.

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