Bill McKibben Does the Sandy Math

Bill McKibben Does the Sandy Math

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As a writer and activist Bill McKibben has devoted his life to tackling the threat posed by man-made climate change. As Hurricane Sandy brought normal life on the East Coast to a standstill, McKibben’s Twitter feed went into overdrive — a veritable deluge of storm updates and political commentary. He just took some time out of a very busy day to explain why climate change hasn’t been a bigger issue in the run-up to the ongoing catastrophe:

The candidates refused to talk about climate change during the debates and the mainstream media hardly dares mention global warming in the context of this storm. What’s going on here?

What’s going on here is the astonishing power of the fossil fuel industry. They have essentially bought one party and scared the other. And they’ve done the same thing all over the world. They’re the richest, most powerful industry on earth and they are able to keep people from questioning what’s become the most dangerous set of corporate practices in history.

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