Creationism Rears Its Ugly Head—Again and Again and Again

Creationism Rears Its Ugly Head—Again and Again and Again

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Michael Ruse blogs over at The Chronicle’s Brainstorm:

Here we go again. The latest news on the fighting-Creationism front is that states like Georgia have found ways to channel public funds to private schools. Some of the money goes–Surprise! Surprise!—to fund athletic scholarships. (And in places like Georgia, “athletics” means football.) Almost all of the money goes to institutions that teach Creationism—young earth, miraculous creation of organisms, two and only two humans coming last, and of course a universal flood.

I don’t mean to sound like Cassandra but I am telling you, folks, Armageddon is coming and it is not the Christian one. If a challenge to this sort of thing gets up to the present Supreme Court, I can almost guarantee it will rule favorably for the fundamentalists. With its ruling on money and elections, it has destroyed the political system. It looks very much like it is going to do a number on health care. And science is down the road. 

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