Glycine Crystals From Water Seen Under a Polarization Microscope

Glycine Crystals From Water Seen Under a Polarization Microscope

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Jerzy Gubernator is a professor of biotechnology, working in the field of nanomedicine, at the University of Wroclaw in Poland. He is also a photographer, exploring “invisible worlds” using macro and microscopic lenses. Most recently, he completed a series of microscope images exploring the surface beauty of insects and animals (butterfly wing scales, beetles’ forewings) and micro crystals. Gubernator believes that we know very little about the complexity of ordinary objects and organisms surrounding us every day, and that when viewed at a proper magnification, what has appeared most ordinary becomes astonishing, revealing strange landscapes, intricate patterns, and beautiful textures and colors.

Some of his images have been exhibited on the Olympus Bioscapes Museum Tour and are available for purchase at Science Photo Library.

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